HMAS Waterhen 0F4A6636.jpg

1914 Talbot 4CBX 12HP

Engine Type: 4 Cylinder side valve, engine blocks cast in pairs. 2412cc capacity. 


Details of fuel & ignition system: Pressurised fuel system operating with a hand pump and pump on rear of camshaft to maintain pressure. Bosch high tension dual ignition system


Cooling System: Water cooled with water pump


Transmission: 4 speed forward and reverse. Cone clutch


How did you acquire the vehicle?: Purchased unrestored from another club member. 


Brief known history of the vehicle: Original owner operated an engineering business in Maclean. The car was sold from the family estate in the mid 1970's and had various owners until we purchased it in 1994. 


What do you like about your vehicle?: Well made and quite reliable. Performs well for the engine size. 


Is there anything you don’t like about your vehicle?: The diff and rear axle is over engineered and is too heavy. 


Fun facts or any other details you’d like to include? : The first outing after restoration was to Toowoomba in 2005 about a week after we got it on the road.