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2017 - '100th Birthday Outing'

Each year the Newcastle Branch hold an event to celebrate those vehicles that have reached the milestone in that calendar year. This year we only had one 1917 model vehicle in attendance, being the four cylinder Maxwell. After enjoying a very nice morning tea provided by John and Kelly, 'Brum' gave a bit of a talk as to what he knew of the history of his car, from its early days in Singapore where it is believed to have been used as a taxi until the time it came into his ownership, and his subsequent experiences with it.

We then went for a bit of a drive of about 30km through the Pokolbin area to Bellbird and then on to Paxton where we had a nice feed at the Paxton Bowling Club, including some birthday cake. There was some very nice scenery along the way and very little traffic, and despite some very ominous looking clouds, no one got more than a few spots of rain.

Unfortunately one of the Buicks had a fuel problem on Marrowbone Rd, so they had to leave the car at alternative accommodation before making their way to lunch. Despite the weather forecast during the week being for lots of rain over the weekend we were treated to a good day for motoring.

The special guest - 1917 Maxwell

'Brum' telling us about his car

Listening attentively

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