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2017 Singleton Tour

The Newcastle Branch 'winter tour' has been based at Singleton for 19 years now. This year we had better than average weather for this time of the year with the only rain of any note being experienced by some participants on the way home on Sunday.

20 cars assembled for the start at Nulkaba which was preceded by some morning tea and a briefing from 'J.B.' the Tour Director.

We then headed off on what were mostly very quiet roads to Branxton, travelling through Lovedale, Keinbah & Bishops Bridge to Lochinvar. After a short stint on the highway, we turned off to continue our journey on more rural roads through the vicinity of Luskintyre and Dalwood to Branxton where we had lunch near the Rotunda at the sports ground.

It was a rather leisurely stop with most enjoying the chance to sit or stand around in the sun having a chat. The Albion, having left first was last to arrive after splitting a rim.

Discussing Air Start systems at Morning Tea

From lunch we travelled through Glendon, Roughit and Redbournberry to the Charbonnier Motel, our accommodation for the weekend.

During the afternoon their was the usual chatter and socialising and some fiddling with the cars, before we moved indoors for pre-dinner drinks and our evening meal.

Saturday morning most were up bright and early preparing their car for the days run. Unfortunately the Albion was not having a good weekend. Having again left early to get a start on the field, they returned after only a few miles covered suffering a lack of power from the number one cylinder. Having only two cylinders, this was the end of their weekend.

The days run took us through Sedgefield to our morning tea stop at the Glendonbrook Hall. This was another leisurely stop where we were treated to all sorts of goodies to enjoy with a cuppa.

Most of the group outside Glendonbrook Hall

From Glendonbrook we continued to Gresford for lunch. Quite a few of the group had a look at the historic St Anne's Church and nearby suspension bridge before enjoying lunch within the grounds of the Gresford Public School.

Heading from Glendonbrook to Gresford on the Saturday run

The return journey to Singleton was over the same roads, however travelling in this direction the climb over 'Tangory Pass' is a bit more challenging with quite a few cars having to change down a gear or two, or in some cases three to get over the top.

(There is a short video in the 'Gallery' section of this site which shows a few of the cars on this section of the trip.)

That afternoon many of the group gathered together outside for a few quiet drinks and some nibblies prior to dinner. After dinner various awards were made and future events were talked about.

The run home on Sunday took us to the Hunter Valley Gardens where some of the group had a coffee or bite to eat before continuing home. The 'central coast contingent' experienced some very heavy rain around the Wyee area ensuring some attention would have to paid to brasswork before heading out again.

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