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1913 '1950' F.N restoration

Earlier today quite a few of the Newcastle Branch visited Doug & Dianne's place to check out progress on Doug's latest F.N. his 1913 '1950' model.

The car is getting very close to being on the road, and despite not having the radiator fitted at this point, it was started for a few moments, during which time it was apparent the motor is nice and quiet - pretty much what you might expect from the marque.

Whilst there are still quite a few little jobs to be done, which as anyone who has been involved in a restoration will know can take longer than you can anticipate, hopefully it won't be too long before it is on the road.

Given how nice the weather was there were three veterans turn up, the Vauxhall and two Talbots. After admiring the F.N most of the group moved on to the Gwandalan Bowling Club where they enjoyed a very nice lunch overlooking Lake Macquarie.

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