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The President's Picton Rally 2017

Held from the afternoon of Friday 25th August to around lunch time on Sunday the 27th of August, the President certainly managed to pack a great deal into a couple of days of veteran motoring. Blessed with some very good winter weather, some quiet and generally good condition roads and a team of helpers who prepared some great food, the weekend was a great success and I'm sure enjoyed by everyone who attended.

Overall a total of 29 cars took part at various times, with probably about 26 or 27 the most at any one time.

The weekend started with a 'shakedown' run on Friday afternoon to Nepean Dam for afternoon tea, where we enjoyed some fresh scones with jam and cream and other goodies. There were a couple of other optional stops along the way as well, including a former brothel which a few people found quite amusing apparently.

Saturday was the main run. To the Wollondilly Heritage Centre where you could spend the whole day. A tribute to the band of volunteers to operate it and another fantastic morning tea with way too much to eat. I think we probably left as much as we ate! For once we left the motel relatively early, but still managed to be one of the last to arrive - and we followed the instructions (which were very well set out) all the way. Obviously a few others took a short cut, either by accident or design.

From there we travelled to Cow Pastures farm at Razorback for lunch followed by a few gymkhana events in the paddock. Our lunch spot on the newly renovated verandah overlooking the paddock was quite fabulous, as was the lunch we were served. After lunch a few of the members took the chance to drive each others cars in the relative safety of a large paddock.

After lunch there was another lovely drive back to the motel. Once again a number of those who were still at lunch when we left arrived back before us - more shortcuts.

Sunday morning we made the short trip to the NSW Rail Museum, now known as Train Works where we had morning tea. Then after having a bit of a look around we made our way to the train waiting for us at Thirlmere Station where locomotive 3016 was all steamed up, waiting to take us for a ride. Unfortunately, after we all found a seat we were advised the fireman had taken ill and had to leave. A replacement was sought, however it was unknown how long that might take.

After waiting for a while, some members had to disembark and head home. Ironically, only minutes after leaving the train, the train left the station.

Despite that disappointment, the weekend overall was a great success with Doug, Vivian, Bill & Robyn and no doubt some other helpers all to be congratulated on a great weekend.

It was great to some some members who aren't able to join us that often as well as quite a few younger people, including at least one young man (about 10) seend doing a few laps of a paddock in the Overland - and doing quite a good job by the look of it.

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