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CARnivale 2018

CARnivale is a display of historic vehicles held on Australia Day in Sydney. Under different names and at different locations the event has been held each year since 1986. The event caters for cars that are at least 30 years old.

This year five of our members had their veterans displayed together, including Don Liddle's Reo, which at 1907 was in all likelihood the earliest vehicle on display.

We've had some further detail contributed by Robert Fordham:

An early start was required to arrive at Parramatta Park and to be positioned before the convoy of classic cars started to enter the Park. The instructions required us to be there by 6 AM but a few cars were grabbing some extra shut eye.

The cars were displayed in our normal location next to the rose garden near the park’s entrance. This location ensures our cars were displayed to all the public entering the park and there was quite a crowd. There were lots of interest and many questions to be answered by the car owners.

The day had started off with a heavy cloud cover and was very humid but by lunch time the sun cleared the sky so we decided to walk across the road to have lunch in the air conditioned leagues club. During the day Geoff Simmons and Lyn Brown arrived without cars. The day was a good opportunity to show the cars off and engage the public.

The club had five cars on display

1913 Chalmers Michael Bendeich

1907 Reo Donald Liddle

1909 Le Zebre Andrew Benoit

1908 Renault Robert Fordham

1910 Brush Allan Miller

Photos by Andrew Benoit word Robert Fordham.

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