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Newcastle Branch 2018 100th Birthday Outing

Held on National Heritage Motoring Day our 100th Birthday Run celebrates those veterans that have turned or will turn 100 during the calendar year. Given it always seems to be a well supported day, we will have to come up with a new theme next year given we will be 100 years since the start of the vintage era.

It has been suggested for the next couple of years we can catch up those cars that may have missed out for some reason when it was their turn, or celebrate new restorations or vehicles that have come into the Club. Yesterday was the maiden run for one such vehicle with Doug and Dianne Marshall in their 1913 '1950' series F.N. This is the third F.N Doug has restored and a fine testament to his handy work.

We had two vehicles celebrating their birthday, the 1918 Studebaker which has been owned by the Adams Family for many years and used by three generations of the family. Since first being restored for the 1970 International Rally the car has done many tens of thousands of miles, many of those with George and Beatrice travelling throughout South Eastern Australia to attend all sorts of events with different clubs. Sadly the car has had to be rebuilt twice during that time having been damaged in a car accident and also being extensively damaged in a bush fire.

The other centurion was the 1918 Buick owned and restored by John and Max Burke. Having only been back on the road for a few years it hasn't done anywhere near as many miles, so it was looking quite resplendent for the occasion yesterday.

All up we had ten veterans take part in the short tour from Nulkaba to Paxton where we enjoyed lunch at the Bowling Club. Whilst we have long realised that many of our future members will come from family's already involved yesterdays event was really good example. Of the ten cars that made the trip, four were driven by third generation members, and another two by second generation members. As well as that we had eight children along for the day who are all fourth generation. Hopefully within the next ten years or so a few of them will be driving as well.

It was great to see the three Adams boys out for the day with their families - it boosted out numbers considerably.

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