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2018 Singleton Rally

John delivering the morning briefing

Not sure everyone is listening to the briefing

Cars at the start

Lunch stop at Branxton

Parked at the motel at Singleton

Morning tea stop at Broke


Back at the motel

On the open road

Our start was at the Burke’s residence at Nulkaba, with a fine sunny day and a cool breeze. Morning tea was enjoyed, thanks to Joan and her helpers, before heading off to Singleton.

Travelling along some quiet back roads to Belford, then a short distance on the highway before heading around through Corinda, Lower Belford, past Kirkton Public school, where the children enjoyed being out of class to cheer us as we went past. On through Stanford to Branxton for our lunch stop. A little difficult to find somewhere out of the wind to enjoy lunch.

The afternoon trip was out through Elderslie, Glendon and into Singleton and our overnight stop. The evening meal was enjoyed as a group in the motel dining room.

Saturday’s run took us out past the Army base, along the Golden Highway to Mt Thorley, then down the Putty Road to Bulga, Milbrodale and then across to Broke for our morning tea stop. Always an enjoyable drive from Milbrodale to Broke through vineyards and farming country.

We then headed across to Wollombi, through Paynes Crossing for our lunch stop. A very popular town with tourists.

After lunch we retraced our steps back to Broke and then along Charlton Road to the Putty Road. Some of us then drove across Wallaby Scrub Road to Warkworth. This road is going to be obliterated due to coal mining, then on to Mt Thorley and back to Singleton.

Evening meal and awarding of prizes was enjoyed in the motel dining room, to finish off an enjoyable day of veteran motoring.

Sunday was a short run through Sedgefield, Elderslie to Branxton and our morning tea stop and the official end of the weekend tour. By this time the wind had become stronger and much colder.

14 Veterans enjoyed the weekend of motoring, our 20th visit to Singleton.

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