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Newcastle Branch Christmas Outing

This is a very late report on the Newcastle Branch 2018 Christmas Party held once again on the shores of Lake Macquarie at Bargoed House, Swansea.

We had six veterans in attendance with some 40 or more people. Once again the very pleasant location beside the lake under the shade of the large fig trees made it far comfortable than what it was in other parts. For a change we didn't get an afternoon storm so there was no rush to leave as is sometimes the case.

It was good to see Rick Thomas and family present in the Studebaker. Must apologise though that the Studie didn't get photographed - or only in the background at least.

Our traditional BBQ lunch with a great variety of salads followed by apple pie and trimmings once again proved very popular.

An enjoyable day for all that attended, especially to Ian and Jenny who made the trek up from Sydney.

1911 F.N.

1913 & 2 x 1914 Talbots

1916 Benz

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