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2019 Blue Mountains Rally

This year, thanks to Peter Martin and his helpers this event was held for the first time since 2015. It was also the first time we actually stayed at Katoomba for quite some years, returning the magnificent Carrington Hotel.

There were 13 veterans took part and quite a few other members along for the weekend in their 'everyday' drives'. There was a bit of rain about on Saturday morning but thankfully it seemed to stop once we gathered at the starting point at Prospect Reservoir.

From Prospect we made our way towards the outskirts of Richmond towards Yarramundi. About this point, Chris Gray, one of our newer members suffered a flat tyre on his Model T. With some assistance from Peter and Neil Martin and with the use of a 12 volt compressor of a helpful passer by, the tube was soon replaced and Chris was back on the road.

From Yarramundi we climbed the mountain to the Springwood Hill Lookout - although the view still wasn't up to much due to the cloud that was hanging about.

We then made our way to the Valley Heights Locomotive Depot Heritage Museum for our lunch stop. After being split into smaller groups we undertook a tour of the display, had a ride on their steam tram and had some lunch. By the time we were leaving it had become quite windy and was starting to cool down a bit. Bill and Robyn Betts in their twin cylinder Renault had some problems after lunch when they found the brass float in the carby had developed a large enough hole in it to cause it to turn it from a float to a sinker. As luck would have it, Darren Grant who had arranged to meet up with some of the members at the Carrington came along and was able to assist them.

Upon arriving at the Carrington we were shown to our parking spots in the under cover section that had been reserved for our use. It seems most of the group stayed in the Hotel during the afternoon and evening as it had become quite cool and the various lounge areas were quite tempting for a bit of a chat and quiet drink.

By Sunday morning the clouds had cleared and we had a beautiful day to travel back down the mountain, although it was a bit cool early on.

Peter is already making some plans for next year, so hopefully the success of this years event will encourage a few more members to come along.

Whilst I know that some people are a bit sceptical about my assessment of road and traffic conditions, the traffic really wasn't a problem for us, and I don't think we caused too many problems for other motorists given amount of multi lane road we can now use.

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