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Spit & Polish Magazine

The Spit & Polish Magazine began in 1959 and is the VCCA NSW's monthly magazine. The magazine is currently produced 11 times a year and contains event reports, meeting records, and articles written by our members. 

We have begun to upload both past and recent editions of the magazine to the website to both archive the magazine for the future, and so our readers can enjoy the magazine in full colour. 

You can use the PDF viewer to scroll through the magazine, or click on the button below to download the most recent edition. 

Early Club- Issued Number Plate Records

The number plates were first issued for the 1959 Blue Mountains Rally, however for this event they were only loaned to the members for the weekend. They were later issued to members on a permanent basis, and the initial issue was 100 plates. Members whose membership number was below 100 were offered the corresponding plate for their car. 

1964-1971 (Download)

1973-1988 (Download)

1992-1995 (Download)

Interstate Magazines

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Numberplate Records
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