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Breakfast Run to Rathmines

For our first run for 2018 (Saturday 13/01/2018) we enjoyed an almost carbon copy day of our first run of 2017, weatherise. Very humid, stormy overcast and hot. A small turnout of veterans, six in total, braved the early start and un-veteran-motoring-like weather while their occupants enjoyed the slightly cooler conditions by the lake's edge. Doug and Dianne's "little blue FN' was smart and decided it was too hot to go outside the shed adventuring and failed to proceed. A number of members used the opportunity to have a meeting to work on details and plans for the 2018 National Veteran Car Rally in Forbes, while others kept cool, went for a walk around the grounds of the Catalina park area. Isaac climbed trees! It was great to catch up with newer club members. It was also great to see Neil and Maria's impressive Vauxhall out on the road.

It was an enjoyable, yet small turnout for the January run and hopefully as the year gets older and cooler we will see more veterans and members out of the road.

Those in attendance:

John & Sue Wards - 1916 Benz

Neil & Maria Heilbrunn - 1911 Vauxhall

Chris Duncan, Catherine Strutt, Jennifer, Helen & Isaac - 1911 F.N.

John Burke & John Brumby - 1913 Hupmobile

Neville Preston - 1913 Talbot

Graeme, Karyn & Lauren Newman - 1914 Talbot

Modern: Doug & Dianne Marshall

Jeff & Kay Palmer

Rick Thomas & son

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