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100th Birthday Outing 2016

John Burke’s 1916 New Imperial  which was ridden by his nephew Brendon Burke

After some pretty ordinary weather for our April outing, we were blessed with a lovely day for our 100th Birthday Outing in May. For a number of years now we have had this event at which we acknowledge those vehicles which have reached the 100 year milestone. This year the birthday vehicles were made up of cars, a motorcycle and a truck.

We met up with Neville and had a pleasant trip up to the start at John and Kelly’s place at Nulkaba. On both the trip up and on the way home we saw a number of other vehicles of various makes, models and ages that were out and about celebrating Heritage Motoring Day.

When we arrived there was already a healthy collection of vehicles and members in attendance. The Burke family vehicles are normally well represented on the day with various family members or friends conscripted to take a vehicle. This year was no exception with five of the fleet out for a run. Whilst enjoying morning tea we were given a bit of a run down of the known history of the birthday vehicles. Neil A spoke about their Fiat truck, John B spoke about his New Imperial M/C as well as the two Buick cars and then Max B spoke about the families longest serving veteran, their Model N Hupmobile.

After a very enjoyable morning tea we headed off for the Paxton Bowling Club where we had a booking for lunch at midday. We travelled through the Pokolbin area, towards Mount View and back in towards Cessnock before making our way through Bellbird to Paxton. Once at the Club the vehicles were able to be parked on the vacant lot opposite in a quite impressive line up with the truck at one end and motor bike at the other with 13 cars in between.

After a bit of chat outside we headed inside where the staff had prepared out lunch for us. It was the alternate drop with a few different options, so after a few cases of ‘swapsies’ everyone had something they were happy with. After our meals John lit the candles on the cake, which were enthusiastically blown out by the younger children in the group. The Bowling Club had donated a lucky door prize which was drawn after lunch with the winner being Dianne M.

Whilst we were standing around the cars after lunch, Karyn was approached by a man who was quite excited to see our Talbot in the line up. He had heard stories about the make whilst growing up, but had never actually seen one. Turns out the man is a descendant of Murray Aunger, who with Harry Dutton made the journey from Adelaide to Darwin in 1908 in the 25HP Talbot. Whilst I pointed out the obvious differences between that car and ours, I assured him that the shape of the radiator is basically the same and then when he makes his planned visit to the Birdwood Mill Museum he should have no trouble recognising the car.

After a bit more of a chat in the sun the group then headed off to make their various ways home. Some returning to Nulkaba, whilst others of us headed directly home.

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