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Rathmines Breakfast Outing

If hot and humid is your thing, the shores of Lake Macquarie early on Saturday 14/01/2017 was the place to be. Despite the quite unpleasant weather conditions we had eight cars turn up for the first event of the year.

Another group had already moved into the sheltered BBQ/picnic area, so we set up under the shade of a large tree right on the banks of the lake which was convenient for those that wanted to go for a bit of a paddle.

Even though it was pretty warm when you were stationary, it was reasonably pleasant travelling in the veteran. The four Talbot's were the first to arrive and we thought that perhaps we were going to be the only ones, but thankfully we were joined not long after by Doug and Dianne in the 1600 F.N. who I should add they were the only ones who were hood down for the day.

Not long after our numbers increased with the 2400 F.N. the Benz and F.I.A.T rounding out the numbers for what turned out to be an all English/European event.

After having some breakfast, the general feeling was that no one was going to stay for long given it was only going to get more hot and more humid.

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