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Combined Outing to Somersby Falls - Saturday 25/03/17

Once again the weather was subject to much discussion prior to this event. The forecast a few days out did not look promising, but thankfully as the day got closer it seemed to improve.

With all the rain in the previous weeks, at least we were assured there would be a good volume of water making its way down the falls.

Five veterans met at Woodbury Inn Park at Mardi and three at Hunt Reserve, Mt Colah to travel to The Falls. Doug and Dianne in the F.N. only travelled part of the way before returning home as they had visitors arriving and unfortunately Geoff and Louise who were accompanied by three of their grandchildren in the Wolseley had to call on the services of N.R.M.A. when the car developed some problems near Jolls Bridge. Thankfully David and Kate came along and were able to assist them as well.

It was great to see the 1916 Chev back on the road after a bit of time in the garage having some mechanical work done.

John left Woodbury Inn Park first in the 1916 Benz, as he doesn't like getting caught on the hills behind those of us in our lower powered four cylinder types (read Talbot & Chev). Despite getting away first, we arrived first - he blamed his GPS, which was probably right as not surprisingly, we didn't overtake him.

Ian was travelling solo in the 1915 Willy's Overland and had decided to enjoy some hood down motoring and Barry and Dorothy were taking the opportunity of giving 'Tilly' their 1911 Talbot a bit of a longer run than they had been on for a while.

Parking at the falls was a bit limited as many people were taking the chance of the abundant photo opportunities available and one young man was seen preparing to propose to his girlfriend - who hopefully is now his future bride.

The picnic area was proving to be popular with both visitors enjoying their lunch and some of the local wildlife including numerous brush turkeys and at least one goanna. There was also a variety of other birdlife to be seen in the surrounding trees.

After a walk down to view the falls for some, and a leisurely lunch our group began to disperse to make their way home.

Another quite successful outing with eight veterans taking part.

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