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Newcastle Branch Breakfast Outing

After being postponed earlier in the year due to the forecast of extreme temperatures we were blessed with great day on Saturday 8th April. And whether it was the prospect of the good weather, a new location or the generous offer from Neil & Maria to provide breakfast for everyone or a combination of all three, but whatever the reason, we had a great turn out of cars for the morning.

F.I.A.T, Vauxhall, Buick

Talbot & Sizaire Naudin

Everyone seemed to arrive around 8.00am and soon all the cars were arranged in what made for quite an impressive display in Neil & Maria's front yard, although they might still be trying to get rid of the wheel tracks made by all the skinny beaded edge and straight sided tyres.

Just as everyone was parking, it become pretty obvious that John B had some sort of a problem with the cooling system of his Buick as there was steam seen coming from the radiator. Upon inspection he found that the horn bracket had broken, causing the horn and fan to become entangled, punching a number of holes in the radiator core. Thankfully he hadn't lost too much water whilst still travelling so the damage was confined to the radiator.

Chevrolet & 3 x Talbot

After a bit of chatter, we were called up to have breakfast. There was plenty to eat and everyone seemed to eat plenty. After eating Neil showed most of the group his collection of cars, bikes and other bits and pieces.

Douglas & Triumph

Once we had finished having a look around some of the group had to head off having other commitments for the afternoon whilst others of us decided we would go for a bit of a drive together. Unfortunately my directions were not as clear as they could have been so we finished up travelling in different directions at times. Never the less it was a nice morning for a bit of a drive and it's always interesting to see veterans travelling in the opposite direction, rather than just the view when following each other!

Vauxhall, 2 x Buicks & Maxwell

Thanks again to our hosts for the morning. Hopefully we might get a similar attendance for our 100th Birthday Outing on National Heritage Motoring Day in May.

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