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Breakfast Outing - Estuary Restaurant

The most recent Sydney North Breakfast Run visited the Estuary Restaurant situated on Kangaroo Point at Brooklyn overlooking the Hawkesbury River.

I arrived at Estuary Restaurant at 8.35am. Just on the hour trip from home. The Yeomans were already there and then there was a steady flow of members arriving. We finally went into the restaurant for breakfast at 9.10am.

Estuary Big Breakfast:- Eggs of Choice with Triple-Smoked Bacon, Thyme Roasted Mushrooms, Wilted Spinach, Hash Brown, Tomato & Sourdough Toast and a coffee for $30. Perhaps a little dear, but the service was good and it was something different, having breakfast out on the balcony with a view over the water to Brooklyn and the railway bridge. A very nice breakfast. 14 of our members partook of the breakfast along with 4 members of the ACMC.

I departed for home at 10.50am and Ron was still there when I left. I only got about ½ a klm north of the bridge when I met the 2 FN’s heading to the outing. So I turned around and we went to the old DMR depot, which is a picnic area and had morning tea. We finally departed there for home at 11.55am.

In all a great day and an enjoyable outing of veteran motoring using the Pacific Highway most of the way to and from the event.


Geoff & Louise Yeomans & Daughter Elizabeth - 1914 Wolseley

Ian & Barry Shinfield - 1910 Talbot

Ron Cox & Brother - 1914 Overland

Nev Preston - 1913 Talbot.


Leon Smith

Bill & Carol Heeney & Keith & Jean Carden

David & Kate Norton

David McCredie

Late arrivals:

Chris Duncan, Doug & Dianne Marshall & Isaac Strutt - 1911 F.N. 2400

Catherine & Jennifer Strutt - 1912 F.N. 1500

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