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2019 Christmas Party

Casuarina Point within the Lane Cove National Park was an excellent choice for the Club Christmas Party.  Being reasonably accessible from most parts of Sydney there was a good roll up of people including members from both north of Sydney and the Macarthur area.

Whilst there was talk of a few showers, they didn't develop and the overcast conditions, coupled with the shade trees made for a great spot for lunch.

Geoff and his helpers were busy at the BBQ when we arrived just on midday.  One of the main tasks of the helpers was to ward off the marauding kookaburras.  Whilst the kookaburras have obviously worked out that humans standing around a BBQ equates to the chance of a hearty feed, they don't seem to have worked out that the meal is already dead, because after stealing a piece of steak they still proceed to bash it to death on the ground.  I think they managed at least two steaks!

Whilst most members travelled in their 'daily drives' we did have three veterans in attendance.   It was great to see a number of younger family members present. A big thank you to Louise and Geoff and their helpers for making the day a great success.


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