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Sydney North Breakfast Run - Brooklyn Sunday 3rd March 2019

No sleeping in. The sun was up so it was up and off to Brooklyn for breakfast at the Estuary Restaurant. Quickly, the sky cleared to blue and we took the motorway from Hornsby. There was not much traffic and no sign of any one participating in Clean Up Australia Day. An unusual selection of jetsam lined the motorway amongst the bits of blown tyres, domestic garbage and take away food detritus – how do you lose a chair and not notice!

Phil O’Loan and David McCredie had arrived first in the Talbot, followed by more Talbots – the Newmans, Neville Preston and Dianne Gotley, and Barry and Dorothy Shinfield with It was wonderful to see Jean and Keith Carden who had come with the Heeneys. Apart from our Wolseley, and the Streatfield’s Overland it was a day for Talbots with Talbots from 1910,1911, 1913 and 1914.

It was great to have some new participants – Robert Fordham and Lynette and Neil Martin. Jean and Keith enjoyed their outing especially as Jean’s niece owns and runs the restaurant.

Although seated in the sun, the view was spectacular and the breakfast delicious. With Kerrie and Bob from the Antique and Classic Car Club there were 25 of us. Of course, there was lots of talk about cars, future travel plans, grandchildren and many suggestions about locations for future runs. However, Neil Martin did remark on how the poor people must be who live locally as they either walk or ride push bikes.

About 11 when people set off for home and the cars were started, a woman approached us attracted by the familiar low throbbing sound of veteran cars. It was Lorrae, Allan Foy’s daughter, who remembered the sounds of the veterans from her childhood. Our next run will be on Sunday 5 May and David McCredie has kindly offered to host the event. He has a BBQ if you would like to cook some breakfast. Tea and coffee will be available. David has promised a tour of his workshop.

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