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National Motoring Heritage Day

Sunday 16th May 2021

This a quick report about what some of our members did on National Motoring Heritage Day (N.M.H.D). There should be a more comprehensive report in the the next edition of the club magazine, Spit and Polish.

Whilst N.M.H.D was on Sunday the 16th, the Martin Family decided to make a weekend of it, travelling to Katoomba for the weekend in their Crossleys. Judging by the photo's they sent the trip up the mountains appeared to be quite cool. While that means the occupants have to be well rugged up, most English veterans enjoy those conditions more than a hot Aussie summer's day, especially when mountain climbing. Well I know Talbots do anyway.

It has been pointed out this was a 100% Crossley event!!!

Sunday morning was also quite cold, but the day warmed up for what I believe was a very pleasant run back through the lower Blue Mountains on the return journey.

Some of our Northern Sydney members met at Fontenoy Park, at Macquarie Park to share some morning tea and a bit of a chat.

For this event I was reminded it was 50% Wolseley - outnumbering the lone Model T & Talbot.

Our members from the north, travelled from their homes on the Central Coast, Newcastle, Singleton and Cessnock to meet at Ray Lawler Reserve at Morpeth for morning tea before travelling together to Tucker Park at Paterson for lunch. We got to Paterson fairly early and managed to secure the choice lunch site, before quite a lot of other Historic Vehicles also arrived. There was quite a variety of other vehicles out for the day including a 1924 Garford Fire Engine, through to relatively new cars.

We had three Talbots, two F.Ns, two Buicks and one Model T Ford.

Hopefully we might till hear of some of our other members who took their cars out for the day. It seem that overall the concept of the day is very successful as we saw quite a number of other clubs out and about in the lower Hunter area during the day.


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