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Newcastle Branch - Martinsville Breakfast Outing - Saturday 13th February 2021

After a year of very few events due to COVID 19, the members of the Newcastle Branch were hoping to start 2021 on a more successful note. Sadly, the 'weather gods' didn't seem to share our enthusiasm with the forecast saying there was a 90% chance of 20-40mm of rain.

Undaunted, two Talbots and the Benz made their way to Martinsville in some drizzly rain where Neil greeted us in the yard to direct us to some undercover parking in his garages - most unexpected but much appreciated. Sadly that was to be it for veteran attendance for the morning.

From there we headed to the large undercover outdoor area where everyone was keen for a chat to catch up with what had happened over the Christmas/New Year period. By the time Maria and some helpers were serving breakfast the numbers had grown to just shy of 30. Once again Maria (and Neil) did a wonderful job with the breakfast to which we were treated, which I'm sure was much appreciated by all who attended.

After breakfast, some of the group went and became acquainted with their two goats, 'Billy' and 'Chester' and the three donkeys, 'Shorty', 'Cinnamon' and 'Nutmeg', also known as 'Shorty & the Spice Girls'. Naturally most of men made their way to the 'Bike Barn' to check out any additions Neil had made since last we visited. His fabulous display never ceases to amaze.

By mid morning, the weather was starting to deteriorate and John made the smart move to head for home in the Benz. We Talbot drivers weren't so smart and spent a bit more time chatting. By the time we left the rain was becoming quite heavy, so much so that we had a few unplanned stops on the way home to deal with wet ignition systems. Got both cars home, but the return trip took quite a bit longer than the trip there. I had a bit of a look at the ( B.O.M) Bureau of Meteorology site after we got home and found that between about 11.00am and 12.30 the rain gauge at Cooranbong had recorded over 30mm, which was the most for the state, so we were perhaps a bit unlucky.

Nonetheless, even a slightly challenging day out in the veteran is better than leaving it at home in the garage. Hopefully next month will see some better weather and lots more cars out.


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