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Sydney North Breakfast Outing - Berowra Waters, Sunday 2nd May 2021

Whilst we didn't get too many veterans or people, we certainly got some great weather for our outing to Crossland's Bay at Berowra Waters. In order to arrive around 9.00am we travelled down the M1, which was a bit foggy in places, but thankfully not too busy for a Sunday morning.

Travelling down the narrow and winding road to the ferry, we encountered very little oncoming traffic which made the drive more pleasant. The traffic flow being largely determined by the movements of the ferry crossings.

We didn't have to wait too long for the ferry to arrive and for the vehicles to disembark before we were able to drive aboard for the trip across Berowra Creek, a tributary of the Hawkesbury River. The ferry master was a little surprised to see our cars, commenting that they were probably older than the ferry.

The crossing is only about 220 metres, so doesn't take too long but gives you a chance to take in the sights on the creek and around the marina.

By the time we arrived the car park was reasonably full, and judging the number of empty boat trailers the boat ramp must have been quite busy earlier in the morning.

I believe Geoff and Louise made their way from the North Shore to Berowra Waters, via Galston Gorge, having to deal with more traffic and cyclists than we did. Not sure that the Wolseley is ideally suited to the many hairpin turns in the Gorge.

Barry's Talbot would barely have gotten to operating temperature, having only travelled a couple of suburbs to our destination.

After having a cuppa, we went for a bit of a walk up past the boat ramp to have a look at a collection of boats that all appeared to have been submerged at some point. Perhaps they had come to grief, or been recovered as a result of the recent heavy rain and flooding, or perhaps there is some other reason for them being where they are - who knows.

Heading home we allowed the modern vehicles to leave the ferry before us, so we didn't hold them up as we climbed back up to Berowra, as there is certainly no chance for them to overtake. We took the 'old road' (Pacific Highway) home which was relatively traffic free, and always a great drive in the veteran.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the morning and the chance to be out driving their veteran in some ideal Autumn weather.


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