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​​1910 Brush Runabout D26

Engine Type

Two Cylinders - 2.5 litres Side Valve - Thermo Syphon

Details of fuel & ignition system

Standard Unleaded 91 - Coil Ignition


Epicyclic - Neutral, High, Low and Reverse - Moving the gear lever declutches

How did you acquire the vehicle?

1980/81 George Green Auctions - I first bought Georges 1912 SIX LITRE AIR COOLED MODEL D FRANKLIN - I found that the engine was in very bad shape and the laminated timber chassis rails were broken. With the fantastic help of the late Barry Perdriau we built 6 new Cylinders with separate heads, all with outer ribbing for maximum air cooling and a sailing mate/builder built the two new laminated timber chassis rails. Realising that this would take many years to restore the Franklin I bought my 1910 Brush Runabout D26 at the second Auction.

Brief known history of the vehicle

I soon learnt of the 1912 First Crossing of Australia by a Brush and the late Drew Schack of Perth, suggested I do an 80th Anniversary drive of my Brush in 1992 from Fremantle to Sydney to raise community interest in this piece of early motoring history. We had a great sendoff driving up the beach at Fremantle with an escort of WA veteran cars and flagged of by the Mayor and Drew.

My Brush and I participated in the 1& 2 rallies of the VCCA NSW and Vic. The next big run was Darwin to Melbourne in 1996 to Honour the Bean Runs which Birtles did in 1926.

In 2000 the Centenary of Federation Committee contacted me suggesting I drive the Brush “Around Australia” as a "linking event” in conjunction with community activities at cities towns and villages en route. With the aid of 5 friends I undertook this challenge. It was very successful - 14,790 kms in 80 days including 20 full days on exhibition.

In 2012 I led the Centenary Expedition of 43Veteran !or 2 cylinder cars and motor cycles “Across Australia” Perth to Sydney - including 5 Brush Runabouts - honouring the 1912 First Crossing. Willie Nelson’s “ON THE ROAD AGAIN” is my theme song - so: In 2022 my Brush and I with my co-driver Mike Irwin will be on the road again - “Brisbane to Broome Expedition” for Veteran Cars and Motorcycles"

What do you like & dislike about your car?

I love my Brush for giving me fantastic satisfaction and success with few problems over 40 years of veteran motoring "AroundThrough and Across Australia” meeting thousands of Aussiea. My Brush is named “Jean Frances” after my wonderful Mother in Law - Bothe ladies became cherished friends. The Franklin was named “Mabel” after my late mother.

Fun facts or any other details you’d like to include?

“NO” I say to the many Aussies who ask “have you had it since new?”

A few Aussies have berated me saying “You should have it in a museum!” - to which I reply “My Brush is alive and well and enjoys being driven and meeting people on the road - and most Aussies love to see the veteran cars and bikes out on the road.

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