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1909 Daimler 38 H.P.

Engine Type

4 cylinder sleeve valve (first year of sleeve-valves), 6.3litre 2 blocks, water cooled

Details of fuel & ignition system

Fuel; hand pump to start. Pump run off flywheel compressing tank for running. Magneto for running, battery and distributor for starting. No generator- use your "home accumulator".


4-speed gearbox, leather cone clutch.

How did you acquire the vehicle?

I bought an S-type Bentley from Geoff Goodman and swapped it for the Daimler with Bill Hardman, about 20 years ago. Purchased as parts but very complete mechanically but no body.

Brief known history of the vehicle

The original owner was a barrister, J.C.Knight in Tasmania. The car was probably laid up during the first world war. The car was retrieved from a shed, partially repainted to the original canary yellow, and partially retrimmed. It does not seem to have done many miles. It is probably a factory body.

What do you like & dislike about your car?

It is great on the open road and hills do not worry it. It cruises at 45-50 mph. It does not like traffic.

Fun facts or any other details you’d like to include?

Edward VII owned one and Lord Montague did 60 miles in an hour in one.

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