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1909 REO Roadster

Engine Type

Single block, 1 cylinder engine, water pump cooling system.

Details of fuel & ignition system

Gravity feed fuel system. Was Magneto power. Converted to electronic with battery


Two speed planetary transmission

Brief known history of the vehicle

The car is a 1909 REO Roadster Model ‘G’, one cylinder. Engine No. 15424, Chassis No. 15424.
Little is known of the cars history. It was allegedly stored for 50 years in an upstairs apartment in New Jersey in the United States of America.

In the late eighties the car was purchased by Mr & Mrs Troutman and shipped to Utah. Unfortunately Mr Troutman passed away before restoring the car. Mrs Troutman sold the car to a Mr Roger Jeffs in Logan Utah the owner of Finders Keepers (Antique store) where the car was on display in the antique store.

In September 1994 Ron and Martha Franklin from Tuscon in Arizona purchased the car and called it ‘Ruby’. Ron repaired and rectified a number of mechanical items; however he did not fully restore the car. Click here to read Ron Franklin's history of the vehicle.

In 2003 Phil and Marney Bagnal at Coffs Harbour purchased the car and shipped it to Australia. Phil restored the car shortly after including the engine. Unfortunately he had Jack Brain fit a Gardiner diesel piston. That has the ring at the top of the piston.

My wife and I purchased the car on 11th January 2016 from Phil and Marney Bagnal.

In March 2016 we were participating in the one and two cylinder rally at Morwell in Victoria when the piston ring exited the top of the bore causing extensive damage to the engine. The motor has since been restored.

- Laurie McGrath

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