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1911 Albion A3 16H.P

Engine Type

2cyl. T Head. Monoblock. Large tube radiator with the water pump driven from the governor camshaft.. Dry sump ,lubrication to bearings, big ends and cylinder wall driven by camshaft. Engine speed, fuel and mixture, spark advance controlled by governor from single hand lever. Max. Revs 980 rpm.

Details of fuel & ignition system

Petrol gravity fed from tank in front of passenger dash. Low tension ignition. Mechanical make and break spark inside combustion chamber. Float bowl and jet on off side of engine then fuel travels through a hot water jacket to the near side of the engine where the governor controls valves to regulate the air and mixture going to the combustion chamber.


Leather faced cone clutch,- 3 forward and reverse gears. Gearbox and Differential one cast aluminium unit. Chain drive to rear axle. Brakes, foot brake to contracting cast iron shoes on tailshaft. Handbrake to expanding shoes on rear wheels. Maximum speed 35kph. Weight 1700kg.

How did you acquire the vehicle?

Purchased partly restored in 2010. Previous owner had spent 10 years assembling vehicle from a heap of parts. I reset the piston rings, valves and ignition system. A lot of problems with insulation and points, finally making porcelain insulators and platinum points. Built a new body. First rallied at the Canberra 1-2 Rally in 2013.

Brief known history of the vehicle

Found @ 1980 near Wauchope NSW. Stored dismantled by Peter Adams. Malcolm Bailey assembled the car between 1995-2010. Rod Holmes acquired it in 2010, restored and had it running by 2013, attending rallies in Canberra, Newcastle. Kalgoorlie WA. Goulburn, Dalby Qld., Yamba. and local events.

What do you like & dislike about your car?

Different technology to most other veterans. Reliable and comfortable. Very underpowered and slow. Heavy.

Fun facts or any other details you’d like to include?

Named "BLUEBELL" because she is blue and made in Scotland. Albion made the same model form 1904 to 1912. Sold as chassis, owners built bodies for passengers or commercial use. Chain sprocket changed for heavier commercial use.

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