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1911 Fabrique Nationale 2400

Engine Type

1911 Fabrique Nationale 2400. #99. 4 cylinder. Monoblock. 2 valves per cylinder, camshaft driven, side valve. Thermo syphon cooling. 2400cc.

Details of fuel & ignition system

Bosch DU4 magneto. Zenith carby. FN made their own carby, but were not successful.


4 Speed and reverse sliding gear type.

How did you acquire the vehicle?

Bought restored from Doug Marshall

Brief known history of the vehicle

This car left Belgium on 30th June 1911 bound for Sydney. It was sold to a station near Yass ,"Eubindal" presumably via Dalgety and Co. Later this car moved to another station "Cunningham Plains' and then became the spares car for #296 on another property. Both cars were collected by Greg Knoddler in 1960 and brought to Newcastle. Doug bought the remains from Greg Knoddler and restored the car, building a replica "Cann of London" body copied from Peter Adam's 2400. Returned to the road in 2004, this car has travelled about 60,000kms.

What do you like & dislike about your car?

This is my favourite car, and our favourite touring car. We have had many grand adventures and great times with it.

Fun facts or any other details you’d like to include?

See the magazine or website for some of our travel blogs.

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