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1912 Fabrique Nationale 2400

Engine Type

4 cylinder. monoblock. 2 valves per cylinder, camshaft driven, side valve. thermo syphon cooling

Details of fuel & ignition system

Bosch DU4 magneto. Fuel tank at rear pressurised by exhaust gas.


4 speed and reverse, sliding gear type

How did you acquire the vehicle?

Bought it complete from Fred Jones.

Brief known history of the vehicle

Left Belgium on 24th January 1912, sent to London for a "Cann of London" touring body to be fitted. Sent to NSW and soldvia Dalgety and Co to "Bookham Station" near Yass. Later it became a farm ute on a nearby property, collected in 1960 by Greg Knoddler and brought to Newcastle. Some restoration work was done and then the car was sold to Fred Jones who completed the restoration.

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