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1913 Chalmers Model 16

Engine Type

4 cylinder of 3.8L capacity with overhead inlet valve and side exhaust. It has a two bearing crankshaft. A piston pump squirts oil over the timing gears back into sump where it fills four trays for the big ends to dip into. It has a very short block to compensate for the two bearing crankshaft.

Details of fuel & ignition system

Four cylinder Bosch magneto.


3 speed with the clutch being made up of 40 plates of alternating bronze and steel which works well when the oil is warm.

How did you acquire the vehicle?

Vehicle was found in a bad state on a very large property at Ashley near Moree.

Brief known history of the vehicle

Only known history of the car before I acquired the car is that it was used as a mail delivery car. I dragged it home on a trailer in 1970 and set to work restoring the car over an 8 year period. It's first rally after restoration was the 1978 International Rally to Queensland.

Fun facts or any other details you’d like to include?

Chalmers has only 2 foot pedals. An accelerator and a brake and clutch combined pedal. Press brake/clutch pedal half way to activate clutch and fully pressed for brake. Unable to keep in gear and apply foot brake on steep hill so hand brake is used to compensate. Takes a little getting used to but works well.
​Over the years, our family have had many everlasting memories of trips, in the Chalmers, all over N.S.W, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania.

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