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1913 Rambler

Engine Type

Four Cylinders cast individually, “L” Head, Thirty Eight horse power.

Details of fuel & ignition system

Petrol 16 gallon tank. Coil and Magneto ignition start on coil change to Magneto. All lights are 12 Volt.


Three speed transmission through a cone clutch. A feature of the car is that the wheels are easily
removed undoing 6 nuts the wheel is removed leaving the hubs on the axle, the rim is not separate
to the spokes and has 36”x 4” tyres. The wheel base is 120”. The differential ratio is 4 to 1.
The starter is often referred to as a silent starter and is 24 volt two 12volt batteries in series. It is a
USL Starter and Generator manufactured by U. S. Light and Heating Co they were based in Niagara
Falls. The starter is built into the fly wheel there is no gears associated with it. It is operated by a
switch on the floor pushing it in engages the starter and when released the starter becomes the
generator. Care needs to be taken as if the car is left in gear and the handbrake off the car will start
immediately and move off.

How did you acquire the vehicle?

We imported the Rambler in 2018 it was part of the Rothchild Collection in New Jersey it was left to
the grandchildren and daughter on the passing of Michael Rothschild and was transported to
California along with a number of other cars in the collection it remained in storage for some 25-30
years until acquired by us.

What do you like & dislike about your car?

There is nothing to dislike except the ineffective brakes not unusual for the period contracting on
the drum the handbrake much more effective as it is expanding inside the drum.

Fun facts or any other details you’d like to include?

1913 Rambler Cross Country 5 passenger cost in 1913 was $1700 US. Manufactured by
Thomas B Jeffery &Co Kenosha Wisconsin.
This car is one of the last Ramblers by name after 1913 it was renamed as a Jeffery in line with the

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