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1914 Talbot 4CBX

Engine Type

Four cylinder side valve engine, with blocks cast in pairs. Non-detachable head. 2412 c.c rated at 12HP. Water cooled with the assistance of a water pump.
Chassis number 7239 Engine number 4CBX 39

Details of fuel & ignition system

Air pressurised fuel system with a hand pump to pressurise the system prior to starting. There is a small pump on the back of the cam shaft that maintains air pressure once the engine is running. The car is fitted with a 36mm Zenith carburettor. The car has a Bosch duel ignition system which comprises a coil and switch mounted on the firewall and a Bosch ZU4 duel magneto. The car was fitted with 12 volt lighting originally with a Brolt generator, however the ignition system only used 4 volts.


Cone clutch lined with woven material. Four speed gearbox with a conventional H pattern gate change on the right hand side. The vehicle has internal expanding drum brakes with both hand and foot brakes side by side in large drums on the rear wheels.

How did you acquire the vehicle?

Along with my sister and brother, I grew up with the car. When Dad restored his second Talbot (1967) the car spend a little more time in the shed, being driven by different members on occasions. In the early 1980's once my brother got his licence, it has been used more often. I was allowed to drive it at the age of 16 when I obtained my learners permit and have continued to the present day.

Brief known history of the vehicle

Unfortunately, not much is known as Dad was not one for keeping records. The vehicle was original sold to Watkins & Doncaster who were a authorised Talbot agent in London. It is unknown how or when the vehicle came to Australia. He acquired the remains from a local property, consisting of basically the front half of the chassis and components. Dad managed to acquire the remaining bits and pieces, building a roadster body on the car, which was sufficiently complete to participate in its first event, the 1959 Blue Mountains Rally.

What do you like & dislike about your car?

Enjoyable to drive, it has a tight turning circle & since its new hood design (2015) the visibility has improved considerably which makes it very safe to drive the car by yourself. Dislike how hard the horse hair seat is!

Fun facts or any other details you’d like to include?

This vehicle cruises around 60kph (36mph) and uses 14 litres/100km or 22 mpg. In 1988 this car was driven from the Central Coast to Brisbane in one day (14 hours driving time).

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