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1914 Wolseley

Engine Type

4 cylinders IL SV with recirculating system via pump Horsepower 16/20 Colonial wheel base (10 feet 4 inches) Bevel drive all electrical lighting, combined oil/air pump; and air compressor starter

Details of fuel & ignition system

Dual system Magneto and coil


​4 forward plus reverse

How did you acquire the vehicle?

Inherited from Max Chapmen by his daughter Louise Yeomans.

Brief known history of the vehicle

This 1914 Wolseley was restored from two Wolseleys, both manufactured in the same year. One left the factory at Adderley Park, Birmingham, England on 30 July 1914 and the other on 14 October 1914. Both cars were shipped to Australia but to different agents. The car was restored by Max Chapman from some parts recovered near Mittagong NSW, and other parts from around NSW, Australia and the world. The engine was powering a sawbench in a workshop on the Central Coast NSW. Restoration was completed in 1997 and its first run was on 15 June 1997and its first rego day was 2 November 1997.

What do you like & dislike about your car?

We love the air start and dual system. Its a spacious reliable car. We don't like the authentic horsehair padded seats in the front and the back which are extremely hard on the bottom!

Fun facts or any other details you’d like to include?

This was the second Wolseley in the family with its little sister 1913 Wolseley called The Elephant. The 1914 Wolseley was affectionately known as Tinkerbell due to its capricious nature!

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