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1916 New Imperial Light Tourist Solo Motorcycle

Engine Type

Single cylinder 297 c.c side valve, air cooled engine

Details of fuel & ignition system

Amac carburettor, EIC Magneto mounted behind the cylinder block – gear train driven.


Two speed Burman gearbox, no clutch. Chain-cum-belt. Chain drive from engine to gearbox and then belt drive from gearbox to rear wheel.

How did you acquire the vehicle?

Had to swap a ‘bitsor’ for its very sad remains in 1985. Commenced restoration in 1997 and finished it by 1999 for the National All Veteran Bike Rally

Brief known history of the vehicle

The bike was purchased new in St Arnold, Victoria. Cylinder was removed for repair and lost at the machine shop around the end of the war. Tank was kept in the wash house and still have the original paint colour.

What do you like & dislike about your motorcycle?

Great bike, slow but will pull over any hill in low gear. No need to run and jump to start, bike can be paddled off by the rider in the seat.

Fun facts or any other details you’d like to include?

When the bike was sick (poor compression) with my father riding, he was passed by two Penny Farthings on the National Rally at Kalgoorlie.

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