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Pie in the Sky

For at least a week before a breakfast run we always watch the weather forecasts hoping for fine weather on the coming Sunday. The report for Sunday 2 July promised a cold start as a high front was bringing frosts and dumping snow across the state. It was true as on Sunday morning the cold snap left that crisp chilly feel of winter. Despite starting on the two days previously, the Wolseley refused to turn over. Too cold! No air starting! No amount of cranking made any difference. In the end, we decided to drive the modern car or everyone would have left for home if the Wolseley did start and we drove it.

After a warm run to Pie-in-the-Sky we entered the car park which was wall-to-wall with motor bikes of every size, colour and brand. Their chrome sparkled in the sun. Tucked away at the side of the building were four Talbots and a Buick. At least some of the veterans had made it. We were warmly welcomed by all the club members and some members of the Antique and Classic Motor Club as well.

Pie-in-the-Sky is so well patronised with motor bikes and bikers that Triumph has a pop up shop selling merchandise for the smart biker from shiny parts to clothing and accessories. It’s also a pit stop for cyclists. They must pedal fast to keep warm in their lycra shorts. There was a long queue to order your morning tea, and even longer wait for it to be made. What a money maker!

As they left the veteran car families added more layers of clothes - hats, gloves scarves and coats to keep warm. Perhaps we should copy the bikers and take to wearing leather gear to keep warm!.

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