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Sydney North Breakfast Run at Brooklyn - Sunday 4/11/2018

We had a really good roll up of both cars and people to our last Sydney North Breakfast Run for 2018. We returned to McKell Park at Brooklyn which not only has good facilities but also some great views over the Hawksebury River.

Again this was a combined event with the A.C.M.C, so overall we had a pretty good number of people in attendance, particularly considering a few of the regulars weren't with us for the morning.

The weather was really pleasant for veteran motoring, far more so than the day before when the mercury got well into the 30's. Some of our group had arrived well before the 9am gathering time, and laid claim to some picnic shelters. As usual we seemed to have too much food, but no one was complaining. We were one of the first to leave, so I can't say what time the gathering broke up. Our drive home was probably even more pleasant than the way down as we encountered less bicycles.

The concept of the Breakfast (brunch) Outings seems to be well supported and the numbers seem to be steadily growing. Hopefully they continue to be a success next year.

Brunch & talking - some of our best work.

1915 Model T Ford

1910 Talbot

Vintage Dodge, 1910 & 1914 Talbot, 1913 Chalmers

1915 Model T & 1914 Talbot

1915 Willys Overland

A nice location for breakfast

1914 Wolseley & Vauxhall (A.C.M.C)

1915 Model T Ford

1913 Talbot

Vintage six cylinder Dodge (A.C.M.C)

1914 Talbot

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