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1917 Model 25 Maxwell Tourer

Engine Type

4 cylinder side valve engine. 186 cu in displacement. Two main bearings with thermo-syphon cooling.

Details of fuel & ignition system

Gravity feed fuel from the tank in dash to single jet carburettor – updraft. Ignition is Bosch DU4 magneto, modified from Simms-Huff low tension magneto, with battery assist for starting.


3 speed forward and reverse. Sliding first gear with sliding dog for second and top.

How did you acquire the vehicle?

With the help of John & Max Burke purchased from the Harris Street Museum in Sydney in 1998.

Brief known history of the vehicle

Purchased and restored by Cedric Holland from Penang, where it was the first taxi on the island. First outing was the 1988 Bi-Centenary Rally

What do you like & dislike about your car?

My car is relatively easy to drive and performs fairly good. The down side is the two main bearings and crankshaft breakage (Take it easy on the hills!)

Fun facts or any other details you’d like to include?

No. It is not a ‘T’ Ford!!

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